Solution 11

Manufacturing materials

Aggregates - Silica

Silica Sand 4010

Median Size: 45 mesh
Size coherence: variable
Colour: white
Grain shape: sub-angular
Surface profile as abrasif (MILS): 2.4
Available in 50 lb bags

Silica Sand 7030

Median Size: 100 mesh
Size coherence: variable
Colour: white
Grain shape: sub-angular
Surface profile as abrasif (MILS): 1.0
Available in 50 lb bags

Silica Sand GR-4095

Median Size: 40 mesh
Size coherence: variable to neutral
Colour: white with black specs
Grain shape: sub-angular
Available in bulk only

Aggregates - Nepheline Syenite

White Lightning #25

Nepheline syenite lowers the melt temperature of many industrial
processes for energy savings, and can be further modified to produce
functional fillers for paint, powder coatings and plastics.

Median Size: 32 mesh
Size Coherence: Neutral
Colour: white with some black specs
Grain Shape: angular
Available in 50 lb bags

Nepheline Syenite: White Lightning #2040

Median Size: 38 mesh
Size coherence: Neutral
Colour: White with some black specs
Shape: angular
Available in 50 lb bags.

Aggregates - Vermiculite


Available in two sizes (medium and fine).
Can be used as a lightweight aggregate for plaster or cement castings to lighten or for aesthetic purposes.


Portland Type GU

A general-purpose cement suitable for all uses for which the special properties of other types of portland cements are not required. Also referred to as Type 10.
Available in 40 kg bags.

Portland Type HE

High-early-strength cement for use where high early strengths are required. Also referred to as Type 30.
Available in 40 kg bags.

Portland Type HS

A high-sulphate-resistant cement for use in applications that require high levels of sulphate resistance. HS cement generally gains strength more slowly than other cement types. Also referred to as Type 50.
Available in 40 kg bags.

Federal White Type GU Cement

Federal White Type GU Cement is a true portland cement manufactured with selected raw materials to insure negligible amounts of iron and manganese oxides so as not to produce the gray color of normal portland cement.
Available in 40 kg bags.

Secar 71

Secar® 71 is a high purity white calcium aluminate cement. It contains no mixture or addition of alumina. It is recommended for products that require fast curing, abrasion resistance, mechanical shock, intermediate temperature exposure or when cement with high performance properties is required. It is a multipurpose product that can be used with light-colored or color-sensitive grouts that require the properties of calcium aluminate cement.


Disal - Polynaphtalene sulfonate (PNS)

Disal® is used as a major ingredient in different types of Superplasticizer formulations. Improves the flow properties of the concrete mix by dispersing the particles and preventing re-agglomeration. Improves the rheological and mechanical properties of concrete such as workability, compressive and flexural strengths, modulus of elasticity. Recommended for the following applications: high performance concrete, pumped concrete, marine concrete, shotcrete, prefabricated concrete, architectural concrete, specially shaped concrete slabs, lightweight concretes, and concretes containing fly ash, silica fume or blast furnace slag. Available in 25 kg bags.

Citric Acid Anhydrous

This is a colourless, white fine granular powder with strong acid taste.
Chemical formula: C6H8O7
Available in 25 Kg bags.


Silica Flour

Our SIL-CO-SIL® Ground Silica products are produced from high purity silica powder, precision ground from 250 to 5 micron topsize. Our ground silicas are inherently inert, bright white, with low moisture and are at least 99.5% Si02. SIL-CO-SIL’s properties improve coating hardness, chemical resistance, resin demand and dispersibility.

CAS 20-4 Filler

USG CAS-20®-4 brand, anhydrous calcium sulfate, is an extremely white, finely divided particulate filler. Used in white color concentrates and filled plastics applications.


The dihydrate form of calcium sulfate used in low temperature thermoset plastic and specialty cement applications. Often used as a flame-retarding filler when processed at room temperature.

Plasters and Gypsums

Hydrocal FGR 95

HYDROCAL® FGR 95 is an economical, specially formulated, high-strength gypsum cement designed for use with glass fiber for fabricating lightweight, thin-cast, and fire-resistant glass-reinforced architectural details.

No. 1 Casting Plaster

USG No. 1 Casting Plaster is the industry’s premier casting plaster for fabricating figurines, plaques, and lamp bases.


USG HYDRO-STONE® Gypsum Cement is an
excellent product for manufacturing solid cast architectural, art novelty and statuary products. HYDRO-STONE® Gypsum Cement is extremely hard, has high compressive strength, and has high water absorption resistance while giving extremely fine detail duplication.

No. 1 Moulding Plaster

Ornamental plaster used for creating decorative trim or running cornices. Designed for use where expansion control, hardness and strength are not primary considerations. This is a great multi-purpose product.

HP Plaster

Similar to No. 1 Moulding Plaster but with a higher compressive strength.

Hydrocal White

HYDROCAL® White Gypsum Cement is a higher compressive strength, multi-purpose gypsum cement, ideal for both solid and hollow casting of lamp bases, figurines, moldings and general castings. It is a versatile, bright white gypsum cement that offers superior strength than most plaster products.

No. 1 Pottery Plaster

A superior plaster for casting decorative ceramicware, sanitaryware, dinnerware and fine china. No. 1 Pottery Plaster produces a break-resistant, smooth wearing mold designed for slip casting and jiggering applications.

Ultracal 30

ULTRACAL® 30 Gypsum Cement is a traditional tooling gypsum cement specially formulated for close tolerance tooling where extreme accuracy and surface hardness are required.. It is ideal for splash-casting molds and models for phenolic, polyester, and epoxy resins.

White Art

USG White Art Plaster is a superior interior casting plaster specially formulated for creating hollow and solid novelty art castings, such as
statues, moldings and lamps that might be painted. Surface-hardening agent minimizes paint absorption.


TUF-STONE™ Gypsum Cement is a polymer-modified, fiber-infused casting material formulated to achieve nearly three times the impact resistance of standard materials. High compressive strength for solid cast giftware applications.


DRYSTONE™ Casting Media is a unique product designed for the fabrication of solid cast interior use pieces. It requires absolutely no drying; as such, it can be cast, painted, packaged, and shipped in a single day.

RED TOP Gauging Plaster (Quick Set)

RED TOP®Gauging Plaster (Quick Set) is a white to gray, gray to pink plaster (depending on the gypsum rock source) that provides smooth-trowel or sand-float lime putty finishes, ideal for interior walls and ceilings. Produces hard, crack- and abrasion-resistant surfaces.

RED TOP Single Hydrated Finishing Lime

RED TOP® Single Hydrated Finishing Lime provides extremely smooth, hard and white finish when properly mixed with gauging plaster. It is highly plastic and easy to work with.