Solution 6

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)



The ADEX-RS system is a water-managed exterior insulation and finish system that has been favourably evaluated by CCMC (12913-R) including use over wood substrates. The system incorporates a secondary weather resistant barrier (WRB), a vertical drainage plane, and a Geometrically designed EPS board with 10mm grooves.


The ADEX-CB cement board finish system is a durable, dual barrier cladding assembly which incorporates an impact resistant, lightweight cement board sheathing. The system is designed around‘rain screen’ principles that include furring strips to move the finish system away from the substrate thereby creating a drainage plane and allowing the convection of air to help manage moisture.


The ADEX-DIREX system is a barrier cladding designed specifically for ‘direct’ applications over cementitious substrates, such as concrete block, pre-cast, or masonry walls. The application creates an aesthetically pleasing finish, available in an unlimited selection of colours and a variety of textures. Once installed, ADEX-DIREX helps protect surfaces from the exterior elements and renews the appearance of existing weathered substrates.